Hiblow Air Blowers
Busch designs and builds custom vacuum systems and central systems that are individually suited to the needs and requirements of the customer. A team of skilled engineers works together to design the plans for the system, which qualified personnel then build at our own facility. Busch provide our customers with consulting, planning and design, assembly, and control systems – everything, including installation and the final commissioning on site: one source, one stop

Product overview – Vacuum pumps & compressors


Oil Recirculating Vane Vacuum Pumps
Oil Recirculating Vane Vacuum Pumps

The R 5 range of oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps,

with its simple modular design, is the most successful vacuum

pump of our time. The R 5 range covers operating

requirements from 3 to 1600 m3/hr and with ultimate

pressure from 0.1 to 20 mbar.

Dry Running Vane Pumps – Seco, Seco Print & Tiny

The Seco vacuum or pressure pumps are oil-free pumps with self-lubricating vanes made of special carbon. They are ideal pumps for all industrial applications requiring totally oil-free operation.The Seco Print model is designed for used in Packaging, Print and Paper applications.

Dry Running Vane Pumps - Seco, Seco Print & Tiny

list Easy to install
list 100% oil-free air
list Low noise levels
list Extra long-life composite vanes
list Low maintenance
Vacuum pumps with high displacement at low inlet pressure

Claw Technology – Mink

The Mink rotary claw pumps were developed especially for use in industrial applications where constant vacuum or pressure is required, along with totally oil free compression. Mink vacuum pumps or blowers are used in all applications, which require oil-free vacuum or oil-free compressed air.

Vacuum pumps & compressors
Product overview – Vacuum pumps & compressors


list Non-contact operation
list No maintenance
list High efficiency
list Many different sizes and models
list Speed control (option) · ATEX certified (option)
Version for oxygen delivery

Roots Pumps – Puma & Panda
Roots Pumps - Puma & Panda


list Roots pumps are dry running pumps, ideal for industrial

processes inwhich oil-free compression
is required to avoid contamination of the pumped media

with operatingliquids like oil or water.
list To reach the required operating pressure a forepump is

necessary.Vacuum pumps with high dis
placement at low pressure.





Panda Roots pumps have a high volumetric efficiency and can be used to evacuate air, gases and vapours in the fields of coarse and fine vacuum. To reach the required operating pressure a fore pump is necessary

list Vacuum pumps with high displacement at low inlet pressure.
Screw Technology – COBRA

list The new COBRA NC Series, are screw vacuum pumps working on an oil and water free va
compression principle. The COBRA screw vacuum pumps have high compatibility with water

pours and liquids and are highly effective for many Chemical,

Screw Technology - COBRA

Pharmaceutical and Plastics
processes. The COBRA NC Series are a highly efficient dry

screw vacuum pumps for many
chemical, pharmaceutical and plastics processes.
list The perfect vacuum pump for drying and recovery of solvents

and any other processes where
oil-free vacuum is needed.

Side Channel Blowers – Samos

Side channel blowers Samos, single and double stage, are suitable for pressure and vacuum duties and especially suited to applications where a pulsation-free flow is required. Units can be installed in horizontal and vertical position. Robust construction due to die cast aluminium.

As a result of two-stage design, these models are used for applications where high differential pressures are required.

Side Channel Blowers - Samos

list Oil and pulsation free compression
list Ruggedness and proven reliability
list Maintenance free
list Many different sizes and models