Food Manufacturing

In recent decades the food and beverage industry has undergone widespread changes from small to middle and large firms. The ensuing industrialisation of food processing has created many applications that use vacuum pumps and compressors. The growing importance of convenience food and extended shelf life have also led to a sharp increase in vacuum and compressed air demad.



Vacuum Pumps
Air Blowers
Vacuum Conveying Systems
Vacuum Drying
Freeze Driers


Application areas:

Chocolate production
Coffee roasting
Deaeration of mineral water
Food preservation
Ham drying
Milking systems
Poultry processing
Sausage production
Sugar production

Bottle filling machines in breweries

Cleaning of vegetables
Dairy processing
Deodorizing of salad oils and fats
Filtration units
Fruit processing machines
Humidification of tobacco
Potato aeration
Salmon cleaning machines
Sterilization of tea and spices