FPZ Side Channel Blowers


FPZ – of Milan Italy

FPZ have manufactured Side Channel Blowers in Milan since 1975 and have a reputation for high quality, efficient and reliable machines. The new FPZ K series range has a number of innovative features and EMTIVAC can also supply the (Regenerative) blowers for hazardous area applications certified to ATEX 100a 94/9/EC standard. All FPZ equipment is manufactured under an ISO9001 accredited system.

For more information visit www.fpz.com

There are over 4,500 product variations in the side channel blowers range on the market today and are exclusively available with Pumpair Solutions here in Australia. These include:

Direct drive
Vee belt/pulley drive
Close coupled
Flange mount

FPZ Blowers

Emtivac Engineering side channel blowers have been manufactured under an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) accredited system by FPZ of Italy. Specially designed seal arrangements are available for conveying different types of gas. These are gas tight and certified to Advanced Technological Extrusions (ATEX) standards.

The new K Series of FPZ side channel blowers have a number of innovative features. Their unique, modular design and construction represents the best in side channel, regenerative blower technology at the most competitive price.

These side channel blowers exhibit excellent blower quality and reliability. Improved performance has resulted from optimising critical internal geometries affecting the fluid dynamics.

Operating costs have been reduced as these models have a reduced starting power functionality. There is also a noticeable reduction in sound emissions when these side channel blowers are in operation.

Blower installation has been facilitated by a reduction in both the size and the consequent weight of the blowers and direct mount accessories are very easy to install.

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