Central Medical Vacuum Systems

We at PumpAir Solutions have combined the local market knowledge and experience with technical expertise of world renowned manufacturer. We have developed a Modular design that enables us to quickly modify any unit to meet your exact specifications.

The necessity to keep all the noise sources away from point of use has urged us to develop a complete range of vacuum units mounted on vessels/Base Frames to satisfy all needs. The pumps work together or with lead-lag controller according to vacuum requirements and ensuring that supply is maintained uninterrupted.

Our sales and engineering team based in Australia goes to site to critically examine the application and then can specify a system to ideally meet your requirements. This combination of experience, expertise and pre- design means you get what you need – faster.



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Advantages of Central Vacuum SystemsbulletSilent Service – The system is installed away from point of use. Moreover our CV systems are
quieter and vibration free as compared to many available on the market.bulletEconomy of scale – One central system for each building. Reticulated pipe work is more
economical than multiple, individual vacuum pumps.bulletReduced Maintenance – One system to check means less labour and less chance of forgot
ten service avoiding breakdown.bulletFail Safe- Dual vacuum pump system offers fail safe operation not possible on individual
room units.

bulletIncreased service Life- Central vacuum system pumps switch off automatically when there
is no demand.

bulletPackage systems- Installation requires only connection of power and vacuum line on small
package systems and on larger systems all components are supplied so that sub assemblies
can be easily put together.

bulletYou choose the pump- Rotary vane pumps for general use, high vacuum oil sealed for labo-
ratories, oil free for dry applications, water sealed liquid ring type for wet/dirty applications.

bulletAutomatic Operation- vacuum switches monitor vacuum levels and automatically operate
pumps to keep vacuum at desired level.

A typical central medical vacuum system fully compliant to as 2896-1998 comprises of:

Vacuum Pumps

A choice of Elmo Rietschle/Busch Oil Sealed rotary vane/ Dry vane vacuum
pumps. Generally Oil sealed pumps are supplied to the following specification: —

bulletNominal pumping capacity 4 m3/hr to 1300 m3/hr
bulletUltimate vacuum 0.5mbar

Vacuum Receivers

Choice of Horizontal or vertical vacuum receivers (100 to 4000 Litres) to the
following specification: Mounting base on horizontal receiver for 1/2/3 pumps.

Vacuum Pump Control System

Custom built vacuum pump control system consisting of the following;

bulletPLC based system
bulletDOL or Star Delta Starters with overloads (one per pump)
bulletDigital low vacuum switches for each pump
bulletDigital vacuum switch for low vacuum alarm
bulletManual / Off / Auto selector switches for each pump
bulletHour run meters (one Per Pump)
bulletService due alarms for each pump
bulletPump Status Indicating Lights-Green-Run, Red- Fault
bulletStart / Reset push button
bulletEmergency stop push button
bulletLow voltage control circuit
bulletSystem reset button
bulletVacuum System fault alarm light