Root Blowers

Rotary lobe blower units (Pedro Gil range)


0.66 – 151.77 m³/min | PG 30 series

Construction features

The standard PG-30 group includes:

bullet A three lobes blower.
bullet The air filter-silencer, connected on the blower’s inlet flange.
bullet The reactive silencer placed on the outlet side. It is metallic and ecological. It is also the
base-frame for the blower and motor.
bullet The drive is by an electrical motor through v-belts and pulleys (taper-lock system).
bullet The belt guard is made from steel sheet,also with acoustic hood. The relief valve designed to
evacuate air or gas when the pressure is over.
bullet The check valve protects the blower against a back pressure when the blower stops and the pipe is pressurized.
bullet The flexible rubber sleeve with clamps connects the group with the pipe.
bullet Filling and emptying oil sistem.
bullet The elastic feet support the group.

Rotary piston blowers


314 – 8 100 m³/h | RNT, RNTP series


PG’s reliable technology – proven across thousands of industrial applications now includes the most effective solution for aspiration and pneumatic transportation in lorries. Blowing pumps and vacuum pumps for lorries, used in aspiration and pressure applications. PG’s mechanical experience has been applied to mobile equipment to improve these applications performances. A brand new pre-admision design reaches a 30°C/54°F decrease in working temperature and a capacity up to 900 mbar vacuum. The new blower range PG-RNTP and RNT offers optimum performance up to 8000 m3/h and 900 mbar dry vacuum. PG is a leader in the development of blowers and vacuum pumps Worldwide technical support network. The maximum working temperature is145°C/293°F

Vacuum blowers.



80 – 10 000 m³/h | PG 35 series

General features


The RNT and RNPT rotary pistons blowers for vacuum applications, compress directly from the atmosphere to negative pressures up to -500 mbar (500 mbar abs.) and -800 mbar (200 mbar abs.) in a single stage, running continuously with no thermal overloads and requiring no forced cooling.

Technical specifications


17 different sizes are manufactured, with capacities reaching from 80 to 10.000 m3/h.
The maximum vacuum is: RNT TYPE – 500 mbar. (500 bar. abs.) RNPT TYPE – 800 mbar. (200 bar. abs.)
Because Roots blowers are of the positive displacement type, they offer a wide range of possibilities regarding the intake flow rates, depending on the speed of rotation and pressure differential. The operating characteristics chart illustrated in this catalogue, indicates operating guidelines which may vary according to every need.

Vacuum blowers


280 – 10 000 m³/h | PG 38 series


The rotary piston compressors for vacuum with pre-inlet and direct atmospheric compression, are capable of operating with vacuum pressure differences of up to -800 mbar. g (200 mbar. absolute pressure) in a single stage, working continuously with no thermal overloads and requiring no additional mechanical fitting such as valves, regulators, pressure changeover gear, nor cooling system.

Technical specifications

The set is manufactured in 8 different sizes, with capacity ranging from 280 to 10.000 m3/hr. The vacuum pressure differences, depending on the blower speed, can reach up to -800 mbar. g (200 mbar. absolute pressure).
The Roots pumps are of positive displacement type and as such offer a wide range of possibilities with regard to the intake flow rates, depending on the speed of rotation and the difference in pressure THE OPERATING PERFORMANCES TABLE show in this catalogue indicates operating guideline according the pulley diameter ratios. Where flow rates and pressure required fall between those shown in the table, contact PEDRO GIL, S.A.