Transformer Vacuum Pump Down Systems

Transformer vacuum drying systems are designed and built to remove air and moisture from
electrical transformers under vacuum and to fill with insulating oil while under vacuum. Our
Vacuum pumping units are industrially used for evacuating different gaseous media. They
are mainly used in the electric industry with pump speeds up to 2500 m3/h and operating
vacuum up to 10-2 mbar(or higher). The vacuum pumping units offered by us consist of one
or several Roots vacuum pumps in combination with liquid-ring or rotary-vane vacuum

The combination of the different pump types depends on the nature of the media to be
pumped off as well as the pump speed and the required operating and ultimate vacuum,
respectively. These vacuum pumping units are built both for the application in our vacuum

systems and as stand-alone-pumping units.

Our Transformer drying vacuum systems are used extensively in manufacture and
maintenance of power distribution equipment and components. In vacuum drying and
dehydration process, the condensable vapour load is usually high, particularly in the primary
phase of the process. Some vapour will condense in the oil of vacuum pump resulting in
decreased vacuum performance. We have designed systems to counter these issues.

Our systems include Heavy duty reliable vacuum pumps with gas ballast valve, roots type
vacuum boosters with integral by-pass for start up at atmosphere and fast pump down. Inlet
tee with liquid trap and level switch for flood alarm and safety shutdown, Manual isolation
valve at booster inlet, Anti vibration mounts for backing pump, Digital Vacuum Gauge and
control panel with phase reversal switch.

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