Diaphragm Pumps

Diaphragm pumps operate by reducing the volume within the pumping chamber with a flexible
membrane driven by a crank.tofp1Thomas vacuum pumps and compressors are used in pharmaceutical and medical equipment,
automobiles, business machines, environmental systems, and food processing equipment all
over the world. Although their customers come from a variety of industries with varying applications, all share a common goal — a solution that enhances the performance of their product or application while still delivering the best value.


Suitable for pressure and vacuum or combined
Gas tightness to the outside
Durable plastic or corrosion resistant coated aluminum
High variablility
Long-life diaphragms
Balanced for low vibration
Low noise level
Liquid media models available – suitable for aggressive media applications
Permanently lubricated bearings
Flow rates up to 91 l/min (3.2 cfm), end vacuum 29.2 in.Hg (10 mbar abs.), pressure 2.8 bar (41 psi)